Jubylee I Have a Miracle Download Now

Jubylee, One of the best beautiful soul worship leaders in Nigeria releases her debut single tomorrow 16th of April 2018….
Song title: I HAVE A MIRACLE….

Eccl. 11:3 says if the cloud be full of rain, they will empty themselves upon the earth…
When this happens, what you get is your Miracle.. Hallelujah!!!

Are you ready for that miracle? If yes, listen to what God is saying…”your cloud is full and I’m raining down blessings on you… It doesn’t matter the challenges…. I am raining down miracles, tailor made, customized, specially made for you”.

Your harvest is now!!!
Your victory is sure!!!

This song will bless you mightily

I HAVE A MIRACLE…premieres tomorrow 16th of April 2018!šŸ™Œanticipate

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